UK Academy of Education

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Was born November 19, 1966 in Kalinin (now - Tver).
1993 - The Tver State Agricultural Academy, specialty "Agriculture", qualification "agronomist;
1998 - Modern Humanities Institute, specializing in Law, Bachelor of Law;
2004 - Moscow State Social University, Ministry of Labour and Social Development, specialized in state and municipal management "skills" Manager ". He graduated with honors.
Scientific degree, academic status, titles of honor:
The Founder and President- Rector of International Academy of Education, Doctor of Economics, Doctor of jurisprudence, Doctor of psychological sciences, Doctor of political sciences, Honourable scientist and teacher of the Russian Federation, the Honourable Worker of Science and Education. A teacher of 25 doctors of science and 75 candidates of a science.
Participation in activity of scientific communities:
Member of the Academy of Social Education, Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, the International Academy of Social Work, Verkhnevolzhskaya Academy of Engineering, Member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of the Russian Natural Academy, Member of the International Pedagogical Academy, Member of the International Academy of Education, Member of the Academy of Security, Defense and the Law-and-Order, Member of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of Russia, Member of the International Academy of Human Problems in Aviation and Astronautics (Space), Member of the International Academy of Transport, Member of the International Academy of Information Technology, Member of the International Academy of Economic Security, Member of the Russian Psychological Society, International association on struggle against a narcotism and narcobusiness, etc.
Area of scientific interests:
An author of 200 scientific publications, including monographies, education guidances. Works are devoted economy questions (statistical models in economy, the taxation system and a tax policy), the rights (constitutional, civil, administrative), psychology (motivation of educational activity), political science (sociopolitical interaction in a society). The founder and the editor-in-chief of scientifically-methodical magazine «Bulletin of the International Academy of Education».
Professional activities:
After graduating in 1982 Nekrasovskij school district Kalinin, Kalinin region studied at the Kozlov PTU-28 (Konakovo area), then worked as a driver at the farm Zavidovo the same district. After serving in the ranks of SA (1985-1987 years.) Served as secretary of the Komsomol in the Kozlov city in Kozlovsky PTU-28, the director of the regional center Konakovskaya children and teenagers, chairman of the Committee of Youth Organizations administration Konakovo and Konakovskaya area. Since 2000 - the scientific and educational activities. In 2004, of warping and is headed by the UK Academy 0f Education (International Academy of Education (Institute)) (Tver).
The state and public awards:
The state: a medal «In memory of 850 years of Moscow»; a title of honor «the Honourable worker of the higher occupational education of the Russian Federation».
Other awards: Central Committee VLKSM sign «Young guardsman of XI five-years period» on II degree; a sign on Central Committee VLKSM and Goskomproftehobrazovanija Sovmina of the USSR «For excellent study»; Central Committee VLKSM sign «Young guardsman of XI five-years period» on I degree; Central Committee VLKSM sign «For successes in work»; an award «Vernadsky's Star» of I degree; an award of V.N.Tatischev «For advantage to Fatherland» - for the contribution to society development; a medal «For fidelity to a debt and Fatherland»; a title of honor «the Honored worker of science and education»; a medal of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation «For strengthening of fighting commonwealth», etc.
Parents: the father - Fanuel Komla Volonyo Dartey (lives in London), the Doctor of Medicine, the Professor, a Member of the British Royal Society of the Accoucheurs-Gynecologists, the Treating Consulting Physician (the student of Kalinin medical institute, 1963-1969); mother - Kotova Nina Sergeevna (has died in 1972). Children – daughters Elizabeth and Ekaterina, adopted son Dmitry.