UK Academy of Education


Dear Friends!

UK Education Academy was established in the United Kingdom in the city of London on the 26th May 2011 in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Academy is designed to work in the sphere of science and education for social benefits, which is understood as a purposeful process of education and training in the interests of people, family, society and state, as well as a set of acquired knowledge, skills, values, experience and competence with a view to the intellectual, spiritual, moral, creative and physical development of the person, meet his educational needs and interests.

Contact address of the Academy - 17 St Martin's Roud, Edmonton Green, and London, N9 OSN, UK. The Russian Federation affiliate is located at - Moskovskaya, 1, office 10, Tver , 170100 .
Preparation of experts and scholars in the Academy is carried out through the implementation of educational programs and doctoral scientific research.

With the implementation of educational and research programs of the Academy it uses a variety of educational technologies, including distance learning technology and e-learning, uses credit-modular system of educational process organization, based on the block-modular principle, the content of educational programs and the construction of curriculum, uses a system of credits ( loans) and related educational technology, as well as an online form educational programs through educational activities in collaboration with other organizations engaged in educational or research activities, including through networking.

Taking into account the needs and abilities of the individual, the Academy realizes educational programs in the forms of training provided by the British legislation on education , with subsequent certification ( current and final ) and doctoral students .
Academy as a center of education, science and culture puts its main tasks:
A. satisfaction of the individual needs in the area of intellectual, cultural and moral development , education and training in various specialties ( directions , profiles ) ;

B. To meet the needs of society as a highly qualified specialists with higher education and scientific personnel of higher qualification; increasing knowledge about the latest achievements of science and practice, including international experience; the implementation of educational and research programs (integrated program of research training, which combine research activities with professional training program), professionally-oriented programs (skills development program of research and self-study related to specific profession ) , which result in the awarding of academic degrees : PhD, DPhil - PhD (by branch of science or profession ) ; DSc - Doctor of Natural Sciences , Dlitt - Doctor of Humanities ; DSosc - Doctor of social science ; as well as programs for advanced degrees DBI, DPI, DHI;

C. organizing and conducting fundamental and applied research aimed at obtaining new knowledge about the development of modern society , its laws and the constant updating of knowledge, implementation of scientific, technical and development work ;
D. conducting independent consulting , certification , qualification examinations and other forms of educational, scientific , professional, and industrial activity , as well as international projects;

E. Professional training and retraining of managers, professionals and unemployed, scientific and methodological support of these activities; organization of training courses on programs of additional education; certification of students to view site assess their degree and level of development of individual parts or all of the training course, the subject of discipline module, the educational program;
F. the development of the integration of academic and university research; strengthening scientific relations; conferences, symposia, workshops, schools, lectures, workshops, training, exhibitions and competitive events;

G. Accumulation, preservation , synthesis and augmentation of moral , cultural and scientific values of society ;development of scientific bases of development of education , research, analysis , compilation and dissemination of progressive education development experience ;
H. Publishing and printing activities: Issue of scientific, educational, methodical literature, manuals, textbooks, monographs.

Prof. Sergey P. Kotov-Dartey,
President of the Academy of Education
UK, London