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Bachelor's program is the base for the training of political analyst. The program is intersects with disciplines: the history of political doctrines, political sociology, comparative politics, social psychology, and others.
Bachelor's program "Political management" includes the study of disciplines: History, Philosophy, English, Jurisprudence, Sociology, Economic theory, State Regulation of Economy, General psychology, History of Public Administration, Demography, Logics, Mathematics, Statistics, Methods for making management decisions, Information Technologies in Management, Computer science, Concepts of modern, Science, Socio-economic forecasting, Research of management systems, Econometrics, Quality control, Information logistics, Political management, marketing, Accounting and Analysis, Financial management, Human Resource Management, Strategic management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business communications, Investment analysis, Business planning, The place and role of political management in modern science, Investigations of socio-economic and political processes, Technology settlement of political conflicts, Control theory, Organization Theory, Political Ethics and Rhetoric, Professional activity political scientist, History of Political Ideas, Electronic management, Image design technology policy, Regional economics and management, Politics and Law, Political Analysis and Forecasting, Echnologists political decision-making, Tax management, Creative management, World politics and international relations, State, power, politics: the relationship and trends, Small business, Property valuation, Training in the management system, Organizational management, Political psychology, psychology of mass phenomena in politics, Political culture, Leadership and political organization, Commercial activity, Accounting.