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Bachelor's program is the base for a training crisis-manager, manager-economist. The program is intersects with disciplines: the history of economic thought, sociology, management, business psychology and other.
The Bachelor program "Crisis Management" includes the study of disciplines: History, Philosophy, English, Jurisprudence, Sociology, Economic theory, Institutional economy, General psychology, Political science, History of Public Administration, Demography, Logics, Mathematics, Statistics, Methods for making management decisions, Information Technologies in Management, Computer science, Concepts of modern science, Socio-economic forecasting, Research of management systems, Econometrics, Quality control, Information logistics, Management theory, Marketing, Accounting and Analysis, Financial management, Human Resource Management, Strategic management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business communications, Investment analysis, Business planning, Introduction to Specialty, Enterprise Competitiveness, Theoretical foundations of restructuring, Risk Assessment, Theory and practice of financial recovery, Theory of crisis management now, Valuation of Enterprise (Business), The legal basis of the bankruptcy proceedings, Analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprise, Estimation of land value, Enterprise economy, Finance and credit, Accounting Theory, Development of managerial decisions, Crisis management by credit institutions, Crisis management in the banking business, Investment, Estimation of investment activity, Corporate finances, Finance companies, Company taxation, Fundamentals of business, Securities in the property market, Estimates of the value of securities, Pricing, Document management activities.