UK Academy of Education

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3b3fa48b8b2ca8d27a241bc32030d1bdUK Academy of Education Limited (hereinafter referred to as Academy) was established in accordance with legislation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (hereinafter referred to as British legislation) and the present Charter for scientific and educational activities as significant commonweal, which implies purposeful educational and training process in the interests of a person, a family, a society, a state, and gained knowledge, skills, abilities, values, experience and competences for intellectual, mental-and-moral, creative and physical development of a person, for satisfaction of their needs and interests.
Academy is considered to be a legal entity since its state registration in accordance with British legislation. Legal status of Academy is defined by British legislation, the present Charter and a constituent agreement. Academy’s activities are partly non-commercial and basically aimed at development of education and scientific activities.
Academy is created for educational purposes and scientific activities.
Training of specialists and scientists in Academy is held due to educational programs and scientific researches of doctoral students.
For realization of educational and scientific programs Academy can use different educational technologies, including Distance educational technologies and (or) E-training, apply credit-and-modular system for organization of educational process, based on block-and-modular approach of presentation an educational program and design of curriculums, using valid units system (credits) and relevant educational technologies, and network form for realization of educational programs due to educational activities together with other organizations, which provide educational activities, including foreign organizations by means of network cooperation.
Taking into account needs and capabilities of a person, Academy realizes educational programs on education forms, provided by British educational legislation with further certification (current and final) of students and doctoral students.
Main objectives of Academy as a centre of Education, Science and Culture are:
- satisfaction of needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development, getting education and qualification on different specialties (directions, profiles);
- satisfaction of society needs in highly qualified specialists with higher education and scientific staff with higher qualification; improvement knowledge on newest achievements of science and practice, including foreign experience;
- organization and carrying out of fundamental, exploring and application scientific researches, aiming at gaining knowledge on development of a modern society, its regularities and continuous information renewal, realization of scientific-and-technical and development works, consulting activities, including educational and management issues, scientific expertise of programs, projects, recommendations, theses, other documents and materials on Academy’s working profile and fields of Science;
- professional requalification and executive training of managers, specialists, the unemployed ; development of academic scientific integration, scientific-and-methodical support of the training and upgrading system for workers;
- accumulation, reservation, summarizing and augmenting of moral, cultural and scientific values of a society, consolidation of scientific links;
- basic scientific design of educational development; study, analysis, generalization and spreading of progressive experience of educational development.

Prof Sergey P. Kotov-Dartey
President & CEO, UKAE (London, UK)